Shit Ichigo and Rukia might say (when they meet up again)


As requested by anon. :)

This list was aaaaalmost made obsolete when Ichigo and Rukia nearly crossed paths; luckily, Renji was there. As it is, Ichigo and Rukia have still not had their big reunion! So what sorts of things might be said when they do meet?

Ichigo: R-Rukia!

Rukia: Hello, Ichigo!

Rukia: Why do you always look so surprised when I show up?

Rukia: Aren’t you used to me coming through yet?

Ichigo: You always show up in such surprising ways!

Ichigo: Windowsills! Back stabbing! And now this!

Rukia: Um this time I literally just strolled up behind you, tapped you on the shoulder, and said your name.

Ichigo: Yeah, but you tapped my left shoulder even though you were on the right!

Rukia: Yeah and I really can’t believe that worked.

Rukia: You’re *really* not perceptive, are you?

Ichigo: I’m plenty perceptive!

Ichigo: I notice that you have a bankai now! Your spiritual pressure feels different.

Rukia: It’s true - I do have bankai now!

Rukia: A super awesome, powerful, clad-type bankai!

Ichigo: Sounds ‘cool.’


Ichigo: Because I assume it’s ice related.


Ichigo: And ice is cold.

Rukia: I GET IT

Ichigo: But seriously, congratulations!

Ichigo: You definitely deserve it!

Rukia: And what about you? What new powers have you added since the hot springs?


Rukia: Why are you blushing?


Rukia: Ichigo, you fool! Are you seriously embarrassed because we were in the hot springs together?

Rukia: I was unconscious, you know! I didn’t see anything!

Ichigo: Right!

Ichigo: Unconscious! 

Ichigo: Saw nothing!

Ichigo: Nothing because unconscious!

Rukia: …

Ichigo: Soanywaymydadtoldmeaboutmypast

Rukia: Really? It’s about time!

Ichigo: Yeah, all about how he and my mom met and how Mom was a Quincy and how he’s the former captain of Squad 10 and a Shiba noble and 

Rukia: WHAT

Ichigo: Oh right I guess this would be the first you’re hearing of it.


Ichigo: Well I guess technically…


Ichigo: He was my cousin…



Rukia: I killed your cousin?

Rukia: I KILLED your cousin?

Rukia: I killed your COUSIN??

Rukia: TWICE?!


Rukia: …

Rukia: Wait, what?

Ichigo: I saw your butt in the hot springs!

Ichigo: I didn’t mean to!

Ichigo: It sorta bobbed by!

Ichigo: But it was very nice!

Ichigo: And I’m only telling you because you seemed to be getting upset and I wanted to distract you but now that I’m shouting about your butt it seems like maybe a bad idea!

Ichigo: And also come on I’ve heard the story you didn’t murder my cousin it was the right thing to do!

Ichigo: Since I’m Shiba too I think I can tell you it’s all right!

Ichigo: Also I’m sorry about shouting about your butt!



Rukia: Well, at least, in all of this, there’s still one constant.

Rukia: You’re a dork, Ichigo.

Ichigo: I AM NOT

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Bleach characters’ first words


Author’s choice list :)

Not gonna lie. I got this idea from the meme thing currently making the round of tumblr, about babies saying unexpected things as their first words. Got me wondering about what Bleach characters’ first words were. So here we go!

1. Byakuya

Baby Byakuya: P…..P……

Dad: Papa???

Baby Byakuya: P…Pride!


Dad: Well you are a Kuchiki after all.

2. Kira

Baby Kira: D….D…..

Dad: Daddy???

Baby Kira: D…D…Despair!

Baby Kira: [smiles]

Dad: Uh-oh.

3. Lisa

Baby Lisa: D….D…

Dad: Daddy???

Baby Lisa: D…Dicks!

Mom: Oh no our baby is a pervert.

4. Kenpachi

Baby Kenpachi: F…..F….

Mom: Friend? Is that bunny your friend?

Baby Kenpachi: FIGHT!!!!

Mom: W-where did that eyepatch come from??

5. Yachiru

Baby Yachiru: B….B….

Mom: Baby? Are you a baby?

Baby Yachiru: Blood!

Baby Yachiru: [giggling]

Mom: Um

6. Ichigo

Baby Ichigo: P…P…

Isshin: I think he’s trying to say ‘Papa!’

Baby Ichigo: P…P…Protect!

Masaki: Awwww!

7. Ishida

Baby Ishida: K…K…

Ryuken: That had better not be your mother’s name that you are trying to say.

Baby Ishida: K…K…

Katagiri: I think it’d be cute if he were!

Baby Ishida: K…K….Kwincy!

Ryuken: Oh no

8. Bambietta

Baby Bambietta: eh….eh…

Mom: Um are you crying or…?

Baby Bambietta: eh…eh…EXPLODE!


9. Ulquiorra

Baby Ulquiorra (waving hand): H….H…

Dad: That’s right! It’s a hand!

Baby Ulquiorra (waving hand): H…H….Heart!


Dad: Uh oh our baby is bad at anatomy.

10. Kensei

Baby Kensei: S….S…

Mom: I got nothing, son. What are you trying to say?

Baby Kensei: S….S….Six….

Mom: Wow! Counting already!

Baby Kensei: Six….and…..nine….


Mom: Oh no our baby is either a pervert or bad at counting.

11. Hitsugaya

Baby Hitsugaya: C….C….

Grandma: Why Toshiro! Are you ready to speak?

Baby Hitsugaya: C…C….

Grandma: You can do it, little baby!

Baby Hitsugaya: That’s CAPTAIN BABY to you!

Grandma: What

12. Ukitake

Baby Ukitake: M…M….

Mom: Are you trying to say Mommy??

Baby Ukitake: Trying to say Mommy!

Mom: Was that a sentence??

Baby Ukitake: A sentence!

Mom: You’re really good at imitating, aren’t you?

Baby Ukitake: Good at imitating!

Mom: You’re gonna go far, kid.


kageyama + hinata being cute


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